Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 8

Day 8
Miles: 0 because I was at Kick Off. 
-Woke up warm in Puff's car at Kick Off. Went to get a hot breakfast and coffee at the gas station down the street where a bunch of us hikers mingled a while. 
-Went back to the campground, showered, straightened my hair, took care of my skin, did my makeup, and hung out with Rainmaker, Solstice and Explagrance. The girl time was much needed! I love those ladies!!! I love feeling clean!!!
-Hung out with tons of people. Saw the preview to the PCT 2013 Class Video. I think the video will turn out really well. Hung out around camp fires and with friends. Loving life and this reunion. 
-Lots of my friends are hiking either the PCT in 2015 or the CDT in 2015. Both groups are asking me to join them. I want to, but I told myself that this years hike is my last thru-hike and then I'll return to the so-called real world. I've been excited about getting this hike done, getting a job, having a place of my own, having some money, etc. I would like a family of my own one day, so I should put down roots, right? What if that never happens though and I end up putting roots down (aka career and debt) when I don't need to be plugged in to civilization? Now that I'm out here and being reminded of how fulfilling this simple life is, I'm not sure what I want. I need to take the positives from civilization and the positives of the trail and put those together to form a life. I want to be happy, to have a garden, to eat better, to put more vitamins, minerals, and water into my body, to avoid prescription medicines, to use natural products, to move my body, to have a tiny home in some land with a hammock, and to live simply. I guess I need to plug in a little bit so I can have that life. But for now, I'll take the trail and the mountains and the stars any day. I guess I'll see how this hike goes, how my health is, and how other things play out in my life. I can't believe I'm already considering another thru-hike when I'm only 100 miles in on this hike... but life really is great out here. It's not complicated. It's not comfortable. There is community. Every step is a challenge. I have ultimate freedom. 

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