Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 21

Day 21
Miles: Zero Day in Big Bear Lake
-Loved the cabin and jacuzzi so much that I rented my own cabin for privacy. The hostel was great and so was sharing Jacuzzi Dude's hot tub... but I needed my own space and privacy for a night. 
-Accidentally mailed my bounce bucket to Big Bear CITY instead of Big Bear LAKE. Both are located next to one another, but it's still a long distance from a backpacker's on-foot-perspective. The hostel owner (Grayson) have me a ride to the post office so I could get my mail. I gave him money for gas. 
-I later ate pizza in town, took a shower and a bath, did my hair and make up, and did my laundry. It felt great to get cleaned up and relaxed after an all-nighter!

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