Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 27

Day 27
Miles 308-313.36
-Hanging at Deep Creek Hot Springs all day... waiting to hike out until night time when it cools down
-Police helicopters flew by and blared horns over the creek... not sure why police would do that in a PUBLIC USE area. We weren't doing anything wrong. Maybe the police have something against good hearted people who enjoy nature?!?! I'm not sure why law enforcement felt the need to ruin my wilderness experience with intimidation tactics to scare us off land that I have a permit to be on. It really pissed me off. I appreciate it when law enforcement actually PROTECTS AND SERVES... but when law enforcement gets on their high horse and decides a to bully a certain demographic of people for the pure sake of puffing up their feathers, it REALLY makes my blood boil. The fact that I live an alternative life that differs from mainstream society is not an invitation for law enforcement to step in and keep a closer eye on me than they would on anyone else. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! 
-Ate tons of candy, cheesecake, and drank beer that towns people brought down to us. 
-I night hiked out with Tin Man and a new kid named Black Swan. The full belly, full moon, smooth trail, cool breeze, good weather and our 3 personalities all meshed together PERFECTLY. We had the best time ever, just laughing and laughing our way down the trail. We had such a great connection and that's one of the best nights I have had on the trail this year. We didn't use our headlamps because the moonlight was outrageously bright. We had so much fun and talked a ton... so we only hiked out 5 miles... but it doesn't matter. The hike was fantastic.
-Black Swan's awesome commentaries
-Moonrise... between the mountain and the clouds
-Rats nest
-MF (Spillway) Gutter Rats
-"Questions of Speculation"
-Moonlit pools, the plateau
-The stone throne
-Skinned knee
-Dancing through poison oak
-Echoes at the spillway
-Ended up at the MF Spillway


  1. Hey Girly girl, this is Lori. I sat next to you on the flight from Newark to Houston early in Feb. You told me all about your previous 6-month trek and gave me the info to log on and read along as you did it again! It's like a story I read before going to bed. Thanks, you're a great writer!
    Haven't read any more whoas with your health so I'm very glad to know you have continued your hiking and obviously have worked through them. Good for you! You go girly girl! Keep on trekkin!


    This is why I don't camp lol! Love you and miss you tons.

  3. Hey GirlyGirl! HopeYourHavingFunOnYourTrip! BeSafeAndDropALineSometime!

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