Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 7

Day 7
Miles 105.07-109-Kick Off
-Walked a few miles into Warner Springs. I finally saw Eagle Rock and loved it! What a cool rock formation! 
-The community center in Warner Springs sells food and showers to backpackers. I took a great shower and ate a burger. Eventually 1-Track showed up too. 
-My old friend Atlas from last year's hike was doing trail magic too! He brought me an orange... an homage to the past of my "fruit stand" ways. (I carried so much fruit last year that Atlas dubbed me "fruit stand.")
-Puff, one of my great friends from last year's hike who responded to my Instagram post asking for a ride, showed up in Warner Springs to give me and 1-Track a ride down to Kick Off. It was AMAZING to see Puff!
-Riding in a car was strange, partly because of how fast we were going, but also because we were backtracking south where we had just come from. It took us about a week to travel the same distance that took us 1 hour to travel in Puff's truck. 
-We drove down to Kick Off, checked in, and got our site squared away. I set up my camp without my rainfly because Story Time and Giggles had my bounce bucket and rain fly with them and I couldn't locate them. It looked like a storm would be rolling in, so I took my camp down and moved into Puff's truck to sleep in the back of it. I didn't want to risk all of my things getting wet. After getting squared away, I roamed around the campground and saw lots of old friends. While walking, I heard some guys say "Girly Girl!" I turned around to see Moist and Kelso standing there!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaayyyyy!!!!! Trail family!!!!!!! Then I saw Rocket Llama! We jumped on each other, hugged, and danced- it was ridiculous and I was so happy to see my Rocket!!! Shortly after Rainbow showed up! Then Sierra Bum, Rainmaker, Solstice, Explagrance, Golden Boy, Apache, Puppy, Shotput, Cartwheel, Wagonwheel, The Andersons, Tom, Kushy, Mr. Green, and so many others! It was outrageous to see everyone. I felt much love in my heart for my friends. 
-Because a storm rolled in, and it was raining and cold, me, 1-Track, Puff, Moist & Kelso crammed ourselves into Puff's truck. We later squeezed in Rocket Llama, Rainbow, Giggles, Story Time, and maybe a few others. We had a great time. 
-I'm happy to be here. 

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