Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 22

Day 22
Miles: Zero Day in Big Bear Lake
-Checked out of cabin and went back to the hostel because it was less expensive than the cabins. I saw so many hiker friends at the hostel: Solstice, Mountain Mama, Funny MoFo, Terra, Tin Man, Man Bear Pig, Doc, Snake Charmer, Sarge, Spirit, Mover, and many others. 
-Mailed my bucket and tent forward
-Went back to the sports bar for the best fried pickles ever where I played a game of pool with Snake Charmer, Doc, and Salsa. Had lots of fun and I taught the guys how to 2-step. 
-There was an issue at the sports bar, so we left and went back to the hostel. At the hostel, Man Bear Pig and I decided to walk over to Murray's Bar to meet Mover & Tin Man. Then we relocated to a bar called Avalanche where I really wasn't on the same vibe (crazy club music and young girls tripping all over their high heels). Even though the club sucked, I got to know Man Bear Pig better. He is a cool kid and he has a VERY INTERESTING life story. He has been straightening out his life by thru-hiking... we have a good deal in common. 
-Went back to the hostel and crashed on my top bunk. 

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