Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 23

Day 23
Miles: Zero Day in Big Bear Lake
-Mother's Day... took pictures with my heart shaped hot pink dry erase board that had a Mother's Day message written on it. All the other hikers loved my idea, so I took pictures of everyone with the sign so they could send their picture to their moms. Moms are great and mine is the BEST! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!
-Grocery store... bought tons of fresh food to pack out. Also got rear ended on the ride to the store, but no one was injured. 
-Tin Man, Bow Tie, Julia "Button", and I got a ride out of town and back to the trail with the Big Bear Lake city planner, Janice Etter. What a sweet lady! I really appreciate her help and generosity. Thank you Janice! :)
-We didn't arrive to the trail head until later in the evening. Bow Tie and Julia "Button" hiked out, but Tin Man and I ran into hiker angels Rock Ocean and Camel... so we camped at the trail head, ate really well, and hung out with those guys. 
-Offered a seasonal job at the hostel. I'm considering this as a work option in the future... but I'm still not too sure what I should do with my life. Maybe all I should do is focus on actually LIVING my life, and let that concept guide my decision making. I spoke to my mom who said I should do whatever makes me happy in life, and if seasonal work makes me happy and allows me to live the life I want, then that's what I can do. 

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  1. Thank you Girly girl. It was nice to meet you too. Stay safe and away from snakes. I told my friend about you, and she is offering her help when you reach the Columbia River Gorge. Her name is Caroline “Yama” Roberts and she lives in White Salmon, WA. She is willing to give you a ride to the WA side of the river, to the store, P.O. or whatever you need. Her telephone number is – (509) 493-3381.