Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 20

Day 20
Miles 250.15-266
-Woke up and drank coffee while looking at all of Hollywood's lions, tigers, and bears in their cages. 
-Excited to hike into Big Bear. I'm low... VERY LOW... on food. 
-Right before reaching the road that leads to Big Bear, Moxa, Strawberry, Tin Man, and I found an insanely awesome trail magic spot which included a sofa to sit on and a dumpster filled with fresh food and sodas. TONS of us hikers gathered there and indulged in the magic provided by the Big Bear Hostel folks (Grayson & Sarge). I began hiding in the dumpster and scaring other hikers as they opened the dumpster door. It was so much fun surprising everyone! 
-Made it to mile 266 late in the day and luckily hitched a ride into Big Bear Lake. 
-Got to the Big Bear Hostel late at night. Tin Man was with me. We dropped our packs off and then headed to the sports bar for food and beer. While there, we ran into Doc and Snake Charmer. The bar closed early so we went to another local bar called Murray's where we ran into another hiker named Dave. I had met Dave in Warner Springs. Dave invited us all back to his cabin that had a hot tub. A few of us joined Dave as we crammed ourselves together like sardines and soaked in the hot tub until around 6:00am! Lol. I love hot tubs!!!! We dubbed Dave as "Jacuzzi Dude" which he accepted as his trail name. 
-I didn't sleep a wink, but it's okay because I had tons of fun with such great people!


  1. Hey Girlie Girl!! Moxa here!! Do you happen to have the picture of me dumpster diving from that day? If memory serves me correctly, you took it with your camera! Thanks!! <3