Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 10

Day 10
Miles 109-127.5
-Woke up at Lake Morena ready to hike. 
-Puff gave 1-Track and I a ride into Julian for breakfast and the post office on our way to be dropped off at the Warner Springs community center. It was sad saying goodbye to Puff. We became such good friends on the trail last year and it feels strange hiking out without him! The same goes for Moist too. I miss my trail family from 2013 and seeing them at Kick Off was incredible. I have hope I will find amazing friends this year as well. 
-Just swam in a stream (Mile 115.5). I loved it! This trail rejuvenates me and makes me feel healthy and happy. Met Captain from Oceanside and Berkley Bill from Berkley. Nice guys. Also met Cat, Cody, Hatchet, and Scotch on the Rocks. 
-Hiked out of Warner Springs at 2pm. It was hot. The siesta at the creek was incredible! I'm super relaxed right now. I'm about to gain 2,000ft elevation over 7 miles. It's not that bad... child's play actually. Ha! The sun is setting so the temperature should drop about 30 degrees. Yay! It's much better hiking in cooler weather because I use less water, have more energy, can take my time, and I can avoid sunburns. 
-I hiked until mile 127 where I reached Trail Angel Mike's Skyranch Sactuary. I got there pretty late- around midnight. I strolled in exhausted. My knee was hurting, and my eyes had been so focused on the light from my headlamp on the trail that my vision was all out of whack. I think my peripheral vision goes out the window when I night hike so I have to remind myself to look around me and to wake up. 
-Set up tent on Mike's property. It was windy but very comfortable. I was so happy have arrived there. 

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