Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 14

Day 14
Miles: Devil's Slide Trail - Summit of Mt. San Jacinto - Just south of the summit

-No idea what my mileage was, but it was a full day of hiking!
-Hiked out of Idyllwild with 1-Track via the Devil's Slide Trail. We decided to summit Mt. San Jacinto because it only added about 2 miles to the hike we would do if we were to only stick to the PCT. With a summit not too far off trail, we decided it would be silly to pass up the opportunity. On our way up the trail, Tin Man showed up! It was perfect timing. 1-Track was hiking too fast for me to keep up with him, so Tin Man and I ended up hiking together. When we had almost reached the summit, we came to a cabin. There was a snow bank along the side of the cabin, and I found a can of Rolling Rock beer sitting in the snow! Tin Man and I were thrilled to find this beer! We went to the highest point possible on Mt. San Jacinto where we cracked open that beer and soaked in the stellar view. Magic!
-At the top of San Jacinto, Tin Man and I ran into other hikers who had seen 1-Track. They told us that 1-Track thought Tin Man and I decided not to summit and that we hiked on down the trail, so 1-Track left the summit to catch up with us. 1-Track didn't realize how slow we were hiking! Instead of hurrying down the trail to catch up to my brother, Tin Man and I decided to take our time and enjoy the view which we had worked so hard to reach. We knew we would see 1-Track again at some point. 
-After soaking in the sun and the amazing views, Tin Man and I hiked down the mountain a little bit and found a good camping spot just before reaching Deer Springs. The sunset was beautiful and all seemed right with the world. 

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