Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 25

Day 25
Miles: 280.46-291.33 (Holcomb Creek)-298.32 (Deep Creek Bridge/Splinter's Cabin)
-While taking a siesta at Holcomb Creek with Tin Man, a girl came down the trail. She was absolutely beat and having a hard day. I convinced her to put her pack down and to rest with me and Tin Man. I told her our plan to night hike and invited her to come along. She was really hesitant because she wanted to make her miles for the day, but eventually she agreed to rest up and hike out with us once it got cooler. Her name is Kathleen. 
-Once the sun went down, Kathleen, Tin Man, and I hiked to the Deep Creek Bridge/Splinter's Cabin area. We found a nice little beach right in the river where we slept.  

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