Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 4

Day 4
Miles 39-42

-Woke up at 4:30am. Hiked out at 5:00am. Got to the Mt. Laguna store before 6:30am. Everything was closed, so Zog and I just hung out on the porch outside of the store. 
-Storytime, my buddy from last years hike texted me saying he heard I was in the area, and that he was near me doing trail magic. 1-Track (my brother) was ahead of me on trail. 1-Track called me and said every southbound hiker he passed knew me. I guess word spread across the trail about my back going out and about me still being on the trail this year. Storytime must have caught wind of my whereabouts through word of mouth from other hikers which is how he knew I was around Mt. Laguna.
-So... while I was sitting there on the porch waiting for the store to open, 
and texting Storytime, my friend Apache hiked up! He exclaimed "GIRLY GIRL!" I jumped up and we hugged and laughed and hung out. I last saw Apache in Washington this last September. Apache has a big hat with bird feathers sticking up all around it. I'm proud to say that some of those feathers were from me during last year's hike. I had recently found a pretty feather, so I took it out of my pack and added it to Apache's hat. Apache is really cool- super chill, friendly, and a great hiker. I'm stoked I got to see him. 
-While Apache and I were hanging out, Storytime drove up to us. It was such a FUN reunion! It's crazy how hiking with someone for a few weeks forms such a strong bond that would take much longer to form with someone in real life. This was just the beginning of my reunion!
-Storytime picked me up and drove me down to Julian so I could meet up with my brother 1-Track. I had already hiked that stretch last year, so I didn't feel too bad about skipping it. I have it all on video. Lol. It was all downhill which I actually prefer and didn't want to skip... but Zog pointed out that I only get a chance to hike the PCT with my brother so many times in life, and that may be more important to me than hiking those 35 miles to Scissors Crossing. 
-I got to Julian this morning, reunited with 1-Track (my brother), took a shower in some other hikers' hotel room, ate, and was preparing to get back on the trail with 1-Track at mile 77. But then... Story Time said he was getting a group together to camp tonight and invited 1-Track and I to join. Storytime also ran into another hiker from last year he said I would be excited to see. It was Tin Man, Jack Rabbit, & Magellan!!!!!! Yaaayyyyy!
-1-Track, Storytime, and I headed down the road to pick up Giggles in San Diego, take 1-Track to the ATT store, swing by Target, and drive back towards Mt. Laguna to camp with a group of friends. 
-The campsite was cold and windy, so we chilled in the car drinking and listening to music. It was so much fun and a joy to be with everyone again. I passed out in the car. Lol. 

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