Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 2

Day 2
Miles 14-25.5

-Okay, on my "Day 1" entry the date says "4-10-2014." That was a typo. I meant to type 4-19-2014. Just had to set the record straight. 
-Left my camp spot at 6:15 and reached Lake Morena at mile 20 at 9:00am. I was moving slowly because of the uphill climb coupled with my back pain. I did, however, get close to 12 hours of sleep last night which seems to have made a big impact on how I am feeling today. I still feel uneasy, but I don't feel as defeated as I did yesterday. Yesterday was hell; maybe today will be better. 
-Arriving to Lake Morena was great. I used the restroom (a real one!), set my pack down at the designated PCT hiker campsite, and walked to the deli/gas station down the road. I ordered a cheeseburger, potato salad, and a chocolate malt. I only had 1/2 of the burger, about 3 small bites of potato salad, and about 3 sips of the malt. I think I was too tired to eat even though I didn't eat this morning. I did guzzle one large bottle of Gatorade and I purchased another bottle to go.
-It's only 11:00am here at Lake Morena, but it is really hot outside. I am laying underneath a big tree with lots of shade. I think I'll stay here until it cools down around 4:00 or 5:00pm. I want to hike at least 6 more miles, but I might shoot for 10. I'm not sure yet- it all depends on my back pain.
-I am at mile 25.5. I slept and relaxed all day at Lake Morena. I made some friends too. I was feeling better, so I decided to night hike about 5 miles to the next water source. One of the hikers, Zog, asked if he could join. He is an old, retired fire fighter and Vietnam veteran and has never hiked the PCT. Night hiking was a new concept for him, so I gave him some glow sticks and we hiked and talked. We just stopped to camp and can hear tons of Arroyo Toads in the distance. The hike went well, especially in the coolness of the night. My back is feeling better too. I think night hiking is the best way for me to hike from now on. I'm about to go to bed.

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